Douche Dicks Academy, Enrolling Now….

Good Evening, fair ladies and jerks! So lately I’ve been posting about all the fucked shit boys tend to do to me and other females, it got my gears turning…

If you’re a girl after reading that one sentence I know, your mind has already started listing the messed up things that have happened to you all by the hands of those penis having pleabeants. Like mine has already listed lies, cheating, pretending I don’t exist, bad at remembering game of thrones characters, snarling comments when I know more about soccer than he does, poorly tailored pants, briefs instead cotton boxers, the list is never ending as I’m sure you know.


It got me thinking, there must be a reason for this dishonorable tendencies, like as a fairly smart girl I’m aware that some behaviors are either Innate behavior(which are instinctual and genetic) or learned behavior( that is behavior that must be directly taught or learned from experience). Having studied anatomy, physiology and psychology somehow I don’t remember any of those lectures explaining the innate ability of lying, cheating and manipulating. So those are definitely learned behaviors.

Learned behaviors are usually learned from parents, teachers and alike. Since I like my life, I would never point the finger on anyone’s parents so where then do they learn such behaviors?

I mean is there a Douchebag Express at platform 69 and 3/4 transporting theses douches to a mystical castle where they teach them how to lie, cheat and manipulate without thinking about the consequences of their actions, wait that sounds more like assassins maybe they met the Ras al ghoul of playerism and he teaches them how to assassinate my panties and it’s contents or they worship the many panty god, whose kind of like the many faced god but instead accepting human sacrifice as form of worship, this god likes to collect the panties of their victims.


Cause you must go through some stringent training, to lie like it was drilled into you as if it were your timetables, cheat like you were being paid to do so and manipulate like your life depended on it.

Now I’m well aware that I sound like a bitter sour bitch, I mean if I was guy reading it I wouldn’t disagree but don’t take it personally or do I don’t care, but honestly what gives you the B-A-L-L-S to treat people in this manner?

I’m no saint, we all know that through my incessant perving over Rio Ferdinand, but it perplexes me how someone can hurt you using the above mentioned methods and have no remorse.You son, must be born without an anterior insula cortex, the part of the brain that processes empathy, cause only someone who lacks empathy would be fine and dandy with hurting someone. And if you were going to lack empathy, try using that super power for something better than being a talented mr fuckboy.

Maybe I’m just like overly sensitive, and like REM says everybody hurts, but why would you, in your short existence on earth, want to be the reason that someone hurts. Cause having a little bit of decency and morals never landed anyone on a crucifix except Uncle Jesus, and like I’ve told you before no one is ever going to accuse of being him.


Anyways, love you, bye😘


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