Excuse me, while I dismount from my high horse


So my last 3 posts sounded like a Taylor swift song, if it were written by maleficent, on her period. I make no apologies for my reductive reasoning on men of the 21st century. But maybe I should explain my bitchitis…

So yeah admittedly I’ve met a couple of douches along my way, who only wanted to ransack my Calvin Kliens, which I know is a tale as old as time but that was not the reason for my Adele-album sized melt-downed. Actually, I was really pissed how guys just start things with you and then decide, they’re going to lose you just like a Lego piece that you will find 20 years later under your sofa.

I was pissed about their assumptions and how if they truly said what they felt and wanted then I don’t know I would die or turn into a white walker, recently a friend said to me “when you assume, you make an ass out’ve you and me…” and that is basically as legit as Kris Jenner’s Berkin collection.

If you after a couple of texts, one or two chance encounters presume to know a person, then you deserve a Paul Scholes free-kick to the back of your head. Not all girls are going to knot their panties and through a hissy fit if you came at her like genuwine. I mean if you don’t like me, then you don’t. There isn’t anything in all the universes that I can do to make you change how you feel but at the same time, you don’t have to be an ass about it. All you have to do is be real, like Kanye west and tell it like it is.

“Words left unspoken, left us so brittle…” -Depeche Mode, “Precious”.

Pretty much sums up all the problems in this world, having to not express what you truly feel is like being trapped, and usually is why passive aggression is so popular. All the shade throwing and subtweets out of fear of the recipients reaction is usually the “why” people don’t say and do exactly what they feel. If you think about it, avoiding the problem is basically like passing a level of game, forgetting that eventually you going to get to the boss-level. There is always a boss-level, ignoring that fact doesn’t make it disappear.


Also, you haven’t met all of the homosapiens on this planet, you haven’t assimilated their personas to assume that they will react negatively to your openness and transparency. Your honesty, admittedly would hurt but I’m 90% sure it won’t kill you or me, I mean after you have heart surgery or any surgery for that matter, it hurts but it didn’t kill you and if you can survive those odds, I doubt some words of truth will end mine or your existence.

In saying all of that, let me jump of this horse and say, everyone can’t be like me(i.e. honesty is the best policy & all…)and if all you want to do is go through life thinking that by not saying or doing anything will not hurt people, then that’s your choice. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many spirited blog posts I write, it won’t inspire you change who and what you are, as long when you lay your head on that pillow tonight, you are happy with who you are.

Anyways, love you, bye😘


Virusha, First of her name

Hello inter-webs and the global citizens that troll this wondrous labyrinth of pleasure. My name is Virusha, a 24 year old lass with an insatiable love for football, electronically produced music and all things nerdy/geeky. Like the first homosapien, I come from the cradle of mankind commonly known as the republic of South Africa, home is Ladysmith a tiny little seigetown up in Nothern KZN.

I started this blog, because I am absolutely certain that I’m not the only girly who has a brain that works a 9 to 5 plus overtime, I mean everyone in their twenties knows the never ending struggle over careers, boys/girls and babies so I figured why not share my turmoil with you sorry losers who are basically trolling the internet for either cats doing weird things or internet breaking Kardashian drama, so you might as well be reading my blog…

To be quiet honest, you won’t find a sex tape featuring Ray J here nor would you find my face smashed into a slice of bread like this poor kitten…


What you would find is daily rumination courtesy of my overworking brain, some cool records now and then and definitely a lot of perv’ing on footballers & other bearded aesthetically blessed male homosapiens(before you assume I’m basic because I watch footie for the hotties, you’re wrong I know the offside rule and what a 4-4-2 is…)

So welcome to Kinky & My Brain, after all I’m just a girl sitting on their other side of your screen asking you to read and follow my blog or I will get the lady Melisandre to send forward a shadow demon to get you…..



Anyway, love you, bye😘