MePhone 2017

Sup, guys. So 2016 is well and truly over, its time to talk New Years resolutions. A lot of people say that they don’t believe in them but I think that we all went

Let me explain, after 365 days of living and loving, we are bound to reflect and realize that some shit has got to change. Change is necessary for growth, it’s like Steve Jobs (may his soul RIP) said in his Stanford commencement speech, we can’t look forward to make sense of life but can only look to our past to guide our future. So I’ve had time while clearing free on a beach,to ponder the last year I’ve had and have decided to change a few things and leave some firmly in 2016…

Things that I learnt:
1. You can’t make someone like you i.e. Persuasion is not attraction.
2. There no bounds to the love you can give yourself. Don’t accept second rate love, also just be proud of yourself, cause like I said before if you happy with yourself then you don’t anyone else’s affirmation.
3. You can’t make anyone happy, it’s their choice all you can do is be secure in who and what you are.

Things that need to change:
1. I always believed “treat people the way you want to be treated…” and 2016 has taught that’s not always the case, you can be as genuinely nice as Winnie the fucking pooh, but if people don’t want to be as nice as you they won’t. So no more Miss Nice Girly, in 2017. #NiceForWhat
2. Stop hesitating and take more risks, stop worrying about failing and just take the shot cause at the end of the match, it will still count as a shot on target.
3. Maybe learn to cook at least one curry….just in case Rio Ferdinand needs to impressed by my ethnicity.
4. Let it go, just like James Bay sings let it go, leave all the broken pieces to the breeze…leave all the resentment, the second guessing and fractured emotions in 2016.

Aside, from working on my intrinsic factors to grow, there are extrinsic factors that influence your growth like the people in and around you.For instance, the Pepsi uncle who didn’t believe in the Macintosh, and subsequently ousted Steve jobs from apple circa 1984, bitches like that have to get a red card from your life with a lifetime ban, with no appeal. The need to be added to the somebody’s that I used to know folder in your brain.

My somebody that I used to know folder reads like this, things that need to be left in 2016

1. All the now popular term Fuckboys, the ones who only like you skin bearing insta photos, the males who like your ass but not your assets, those idiots who call you hot and not pretty, oh and that not because they lack the vocab they really just like your body and could care less if your discover plutonium
2. The Tywin Lannisters, who despite all your efforts to uplift their existence they still don’t care for your existence, those people who you could give 9 realms and 7 kingdoms too, but all they want is a small rock from the shadowlands beyond Ayrshire. No more being a crutch for anyone
3. Haters, naturally.

So I’m excited for 2017, breaking some habits will be hard but change comes with getting older. It’s the year, to be selfish with your mental space, with your heart and time. Life is too short to settle for less than you deserve. Just keep your head down and be patient with your goals…


Anyways, love you,bye😘


Virusha, First of her name

Hello inter-webs and the global citizens that troll this wondrous labyrinth of pleasure. My name is Virusha, a 24 year old lass with an insatiable love for football, electronically produced music and all things nerdy/geeky. Like the first homosapien, I come from the cradle of mankind commonly known as the republic of South Africa, home is Ladysmith a tiny little seigetown up in Nothern KZN.

I started this blog, because I am absolutely certain that I’m not the only girly who has a brain that works a 9 to 5 plus overtime, I mean everyone in their twenties knows the never ending struggle over careers, boys/girls and babies so I figured why not share my turmoil with you sorry losers who are basically trolling the internet for either cats doing weird things or internet breaking Kardashian drama, so you might as well be reading my blog…

To be quiet honest, you won’t find a sex tape featuring Ray J here nor would you find my face smashed into a slice of bread like this poor kitten…


What you would find is daily rumination courtesy of my overworking brain, some cool records now and then and definitely a lot of perv’ing on footballers & other bearded aesthetically blessed male homosapiens(before you assume I’m basic because I watch footie for the hotties, you’re wrong I know the offside rule and what a 4-4-2 is…)

So welcome to Kinky & My Brain, after all I’m just a girl sitting on their other side of your screen asking you to read and follow my blog or I will get the lady Melisandre to send forward a shadow demon to get you…..



Anyway, love you, bye😘