Dreams, BUT WHY?

Ok, so I have been hibernating far away from my keyboard for awhile and admittedly its cause I really didn’t want share anymore of my angst about fuckboys and alike anymore. I needed to find inspiration and some cool stories to share with you guys on the other side of the screen.

And lately I have been struggling with the lack of sleep and not for any of the good reasons, I just can’t find that good good sleep. So for weeks I have been watching every BBC radio 1 Live Lounge video on youtube and throwing back to my high school playlists , which no doubt unpacked a whole suitcase of memories, I was beginning to think I am never going to sleep again, I spent my nights making playlists to listen on my way to work, reading Game of Thrones(for the millionth time) and stalking like every football WAGS’ insta profile. Spent days on end looking like one of Helen Bonham-Carter’s character, until a few nights ago, when at long last I fell asleep like Thumbelina in her walnut-shell cradled.

But just like that stupid toad, who kidnapped Thumbelina while she was asleep. My peaceful slumber was stolen by my wretched dreams, I mean calling them dreams is being nice. My dreams….

Are the most violent, thrilling and scary subconscious creations, ever. Its like they were written by Edgar Allan Poe and George RR Matin’s love child and directed by Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino’s love child. Seriously, I was so happy to just sleep but my dreams were like, “yeah, how about no?”

Have you guy’s watched season 5 of Dexter, you know the season when Johnny Lee Miller (loved him in transporting, though) kidnapped Julia Stiles for his rape-club, and then she teams up with love of my life Dexter Morgan to kill the club, one member at a time. Yeah, well last night I dreamt(in the most violently vivid manner) that I was the Julia Stiles, I was kidnapped and shown to my room where they were going to handle me without care etc. and I tried to escape but failed then made a deal with my dreams version of Johnny Lee Miller and I didn’t know any Dexter in my dream, things were not going my way and getting more violent as the dream went on….

I woke up sweating though every pore, I own.  Like, seriously I laid in bed thanking every star that it was just a dream, but curiosity got the better of me. I remembered, when I was at campus, my friend Kavita and I used to everyday, sit on her bed and relay last night’s dream to each other, then we would take fifty steps to far and interrupt our dreams using those trusty dream interpretation websites *LOL* but hey if kids think that sleeping with a cuddly toy will keep the monsters out, then I’m  going to believe in these here lovely and well researched websites.

Anyway, after spending about 30 minutes reading interpretations of this dreams basically I  am feeling manipulated by someone/have lost control of some aspect of my life and I am avoiding an issue/person. Okay, now my dreams make me think I should have a shrink on retainer…

I mean, understanding our dreams and their meanings is like trying to dissect a human body with a pair of tweezers while being blindfolded. We never know what our subconscious is trying to tell us and whether we should read further into it or just let sleeping dogs lie. But, it does make for interesting writing and good movie ideas, too.


Anyways, love you, bye.

P.S. IF you click on the word playlist, I have shared some of my slumber tunes 🙂