He/She Died Replying To Your Text

Sup, nerds! So I’ve been thinking yes overthinking about all the texts that I’ve sent and never gotten a reply, I’m like 500 000 % sure that we all have sometime or the other never gotten a reply, since like texting is the most common means of communication in the 21st century.

What is texting? It is a short and instant form of communication. Texting connects homosapiens. For me personally, I prefer texting mostly cause I suck at verbally expressing myself. Through texting we are able to converse with people all across this planet without having to pay exorbitant telephone bills, we are able to build and foster relationships when we cannot be close to those we love and like. My thinking is texting is a form of conversation and in a conversation you speak, I listen and comprehend and then I reply. So why isn’t normal conversational etiquette not necessary when texting?

I mean, for days nay for months I’ve been thinking of possible reasons to avoid replying to text messages, and I’ve come up with some theories, using my popcorn psychology

Theory 1: You receive a mass text or broadcast message about a sale, or some internet gimmick etc.
Reason not to reply, it’s kind of a PSA and not really a intimate setting in which a reply is warranted.

Theory 2: It’s a text from a random wrong number
Reason not to reply, that could be some kind of terrorist shiz, and you’re too young & beautiful to be a suicide bomber.

Theory 3: It’s a text from a person, you’ve kind of sort of maybe something with
Reason/s not to reply:
(a) You are genuinely busy AF & when I say busy AF, I mean you are defending the planet from Loki, Frost Giants or The damn Chitari or disarming a nuclear bomb cause really it would literally take you a millisecond to say “busy”, no need to be like “boo, I’m busy text later” a simple “busy” would get straight to it💁


(b)You genuinely don’t like this person, you were mildly amused by their existence for a time and then you decided you don’t like them but you’re a spineless little drain rat with not a shred of honour or balls to tell that person that you don’t like them and also you find a sick comfort in leaving that door slightly open cause you know that as long you don’t completely come of it and say nothing will come of this thing, you stand a 0,5% chance of at least a booty call situation. Even it’s a casual thing, a reply wouldn’t kill you unless….🤔

(c) YOU WILL LITERALLY DIE, if you reply! Like for reals, Ultron tapped your mobile and if you text that person back, he will kill you not badly injure you, like literally 6-feet under being chewed on by maggots and like dead! ☠️

Haha, writing this was so much fun😂and like in my opinion, unsolicited of course, we should always strive to be honest, I mean honesty only ever killed a few people, amongst those was Jesus and please after all the dick/booty pic’s that half you lot exchange, not one person would ever relate you to the likes of him. But if you have any theories, share them with me🙌


Anyways, love you, bye😘