Virusha, First of her name

Hello inter-webs and the global citizens that troll this wondrous labyrinth of pleasure. My name is Virusha, a 24 year old lass with an insatiable love for football, electronically produced music and all things nerdy/geeky. Like the first homosapien, I come from the cradle of mankind commonly known as the republic of South Africa, home is Ladysmith a tiny little seigetown up in Nothern KZN.

I started this blog, because I am absolutely certain that I’m not the only girly who has a brain that works a 9 to 5 plus overtime, I mean everyone in their twenties knows the never ending struggle over careers, boys/girls and babies so I figured why not share my turmoil with you sorry losers who are basically trolling the internet for either cats doing weird things or internet breaking Kardashian drama, so you might as well be reading my blog…

To be quiet honest, you won’t find a sex tape featuring Ray J here nor would you find my face smashed into a slice of bread like this poor kitten…


What you would find is daily rumination courtesy of my overworking brain, some cool records now and then and definitely a lot of perv’ing on footballers & other bearded aesthetically blessed male homosapiens(before you assume I’m basic because I watch footie for the hotties, you’re wrong I know the offside rule and what a 4-4-2 is…)

So welcome to Kinky & My Brain, after all I’m just a girl sitting on their other side of your screen asking you to read and follow my blog or I will get the lady Melisandre to send forward a shadow demon to get you…..



Anyway, love you, bye😘